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LV= Membership

As a mutual we are owned by our members

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Membership matters

Mutuals and plc’s are similar because they both exist to create value for their owners. The difference is how owners are distinguished. Ownership of a plc is defined by having shares in the company. Because we're a mutual ownership is defined by being a member, rather than a shareholder.

If a customer has a life insurance, protection, investment or retirement policy with us they automatically become a member and are entitled to a range of member benefits. Membership can’t be traded like shares so someone will continue to be a member until their member qualifying policy ends.

Community fund

Community fund
  1. Funding for good causes our members love

Support fund

Support fund
  1. Grants in times of financial hardship

Care line

Care line
  1. Advice and guidance, just a phone call away


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  1. Our Member Panel and Annual General Meetings


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  1. Members save money on insurance premiums


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  1. Join our online community for LV= news, offers and surveys

Mutual bonus

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  1. Find out about our mutual bonus

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