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Travel insurance extras

When you buy our travel insurance online, we give you a 10% online discount and you have the option to tailor the cover to suit you.

To include any of these extras on your policy, add them as you go through your quote. For full details of all these options please see the travel insurance policy documents.

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Suitcase, golf clubs and wallet

Cover for baggage, personal belongings and money

"Someone stole things from my luggage!"

If you add this optional cover for your baggage, personal belongings and money, you can claim for things that are lost or stolen while you’re away.

  • You’ve got £3,000 cover with our Premier policy or £2,000 cover with our Essential policy for baggage. This includes your suitcases and their contents (but not valuables), bags, sports equipment, mobility aids and wheelchairs - limits for individual items apply.
  • Our Premier policy also provides up to £500 cover for your valuables, like jewellery, watches, sunglasses, cameras or mobile phones. Essential cover gives you £300 cover.
  • You also have £500 cover for money, which includes £300 for cash, as well as cover for your traveller’s cheques, admission tickets or pre-paid passes (e.g. for ski lifts a receipt will be needed for loss or theft).

Loss or theft must be reported to the police or appropriate person, e.g. hotel manager, within 24 hours. Valuables must be kept with you at all times, locked in a safe or safety deposit box or locked in your accommodation.

More information about baggage, valuables and money

Your baggage is:

  • your suitcases / bags and their contents but not your valuables
  • baggage includes sports equipment and mobility aids such as wheelchairs

Examples of valuables include:

  • jewellery and watches
  • glasses and sun glasses
  • all electronic items and their accessories like laptops, phones, games consoles
  • all photographic or recording equipment

Valuables must be kept with you at all times or locked in a safe or in your accommodation.


Your personal money limit of £500 includes £300 cash plus cover for your:

  • travellers cheques
  • admission tickets and pre-paid passes (eg for ski lifts), that have a monetary value

Compare Essential and Premier cover

Optional cover (Baggage)

Essential policy
max limit per person

Premier policy
max limit per person

per person

Replacement or hire of essential baggage




Damaged, lost or stolen baggage and valuables

Total valuables limit

Single item limit








Loss or theft of personal money

Cash limit






Loss of your passport




Loss of your driving licence




Winter sports cover

"I’m going skiing – should I get this additional cover?"

If you're planning on whizzing down a mountain on your next holiday, you might want to consider adding winter sports cover in case you have an accident.

Add winter sports to your annual multi-trip policy for 17 days' worth of winter sports cover on the Essential policy and 31 days on the Premier policy.

Adding winter sports to a single trip policy and we'll cover you up to 31 days, if you need cover for longer please call us to discuss your requirements.

If things go wrong on your winter sports trip, we'll cover you for:

  • Emergency medical expenses* if you fall ill on your trip
  • Accidents, like breaking your arm while skiing
  • Personal liability, which you may need if you have an accident that involves other people or their property

The winter sports we cover are:

  • Skiing (including big foot, cross-country, mono, glacier and indoor)
  • Snowboarding
  • Snowblading
  • Sledging and tobogganing
  • Snowmobiling and skidooing

We cover you for off piste skiing and snowboarding when skiing within the ski area boundaries of a recognised ski resort and following ski patrol guidelines.

Sorry, but we don't cover bobsleigh, skeleton bobsleigh or luging, heli-skiing, ski acrobatics, ski flying, ski jumping, ski mountaineering, ski racing, ski randonee, ski stunting, ski touring or snowcat skiing.

* Medical expenses are subject to pre-existing conditions being screened and accepted.

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Don't forget to add our optional baggage cover (shown above) if you want cover for your skis or snowboards.

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